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Products & Services
Our company provides the following products,
materials, and services to our customers.
All-In-One Sealer


Sealing your concrete is the most important thing you can do to help ensure a long usable life. All-In-One is a one-time application and won't change the color of your concrete. It's a waterproofer, densifier, dust proofer, prevents salts from penetrating the surface and does so much more. Literally an All-In-One solution

Concrete Clocks


Check out our concrete blocks, great for retaining walls, they come with a stamped stone pattern on the front. They are 2'X2'X4' weigh about 2800 lbs. so you can move them with a skid loader or mini excavator. Since we make them with leftover concrete the price is hard to beat. Come by, take a look, and get a quote.

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